Why the EDUS Schoolhouse?


At the EDUS Schoolhouse, you'll notice a difference in the surroundings as well as in our whole approach to your child's development. Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere with intimate and stimulating settings. We do this for each child by promoting individual learning, coexisting habits, and providing an abundance of individual attention to assist each child with becoming avid independent learners. 


Most young children start learning from hands-on experiences in their daily environment. Through this process, they gain valuable information about their world. This interaction with people, situations, structure, and materials offer experience and knowledge upon which to build later experiences. EDUS Primary Prep provides a space that not only supports a child's unique approach to learning but also encourages children to explore and discover independently. Through child initiation and teacher facilitation, our children learn multiple skill sets that help build their confidence and readiness for a successful and happy life.


Early Childcare for 18 Months to 4 Years


For this age group, every new day entails new learning experiences. Their development is unique and complex and is also greatly influenced by factors in their environment. Their learning patterns and pace also vary which is the core of our teaching model. As part of providing a Bilingual environment that is appropriate and stimulating to each child's development, EDUS Primary Prep provides daily healthy meals and publishes our weekly menu so parents are aware of the nutritional value we deliver.